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Working Ethically doesn’t just mean acting in ways that are both fair and honest. We feel it’s much more than that. Every option we present to you, will always have your business’s best interests at heart. Proud to be 100% ethical, 100% of the time.


It’s important to get a deal that is Affordable from day one. That’s why all our contracts are fully fixed. No more nasty surprises. Before putting pen to paper, we’ll ensure your new rates & standing charges are always 100% affordable. Total peace of mind guaranteed.


Sustainability is very important to us. That’s why our Green Energy is 99.9% certified. Sustainable doesn’t just mean being green but also ensuring the rates we negotiate, are fixed for as long as possible meaning your rates are also 100% sustainable.

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Green Planet is an ethical, family-run energy consultancy with huge buying power.

We offer some of the best deals around on both Standard & Green Energy & Water.

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We make what can be a very time consuming and frustrating task as quick and hassle free as possible, meaning you can get on with that pile of paperwork over there.

Why use an Energy Consultancy when you could do this all by yourself? Some of us could sort out our own mortgage or maybe even service our own car but we don’t. We get a highly recommended mortgage advisor and a local reputable garage to do these things for us, right?

Sometimes it’s better to let someone who does this for a living, help make life a little easier.

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