Go green! It’s really rewarding!

We all know Coal & other Fossil Fuels are not sustainable.

Not to mention extremely harmful to our Planet.
We’ve seen catastrophic geo-climatic events, whole species of wildlife wiped out and 100s more being placed on the endangered list every year.

If that isn’t enough motivation to go greener, we’d personally like to offer you some fantastic Green Rewards, for doing so!


Weekend Breaks in Log Cabins!

Coquet Lodge, Northumberland.
One of our favourite Rewards. Places like this remind us of how beautifully green and tranquil the British countryside really is & why we do, what we do!

Stay at Coquet Lodge as our Green Reward Guests!
Simply email us at [email protected] & renew with Green Planet Energy!

Renew up to 12 months in advance!

Call: 07747 613353


​Other Rewards…

Energy Saving Tech


Greener Mobile Phone Contracts


Experience Days!


Corporate National Trust Memberships!


Donations to a Charity of your choice!


​Which ever Green Reward you choose,
it’s our way of saying thank you.

​It’s couldn’t be easier!…

1. Click here to send us an email
2. Send us a recent bill
3. Select a Quote and get rewarded!

 Find out more about Green Rewards 07747 613353
*​Terms & Conditions Apply.